PIMD Smokescreen Hoodie

Why buy from PIMD?

PIMD was created by fitness experts for the fitness world with the intention to provide the best looking gym wear at the very best price. All our items are made from the best materials, to the best quality, but at an affordable price. 
We don’t copy trends, we set them as we want to provide the clothing that will inspire you to train at your highest level and meet your goals and ambitions. 
Be among the finest in the gym and wear our PIMD Smokescreen Hoodie. Our hoodies are unisex - and look great on both guys and gals, worn tight or loose.

High quality construction and stitching.

Black and Camo Jacket with printed logo details

Size Guide - Chest (to fit) 
S: 36 - 38" 
M: 40 - 42" 
L: 42 - 44" 
XL: 46 - 48"

Print method 
Printed Logo

Please note we deliver to the UK, EU countries and Worldwide

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